We offer three different stock styles: solid aluminum and laminated wood target models, and an adjustable aluminum tactical/sporting stock. All are made with traditional Xtreme Machining precision and attention to detail.

Our solid aluminum thumbhole stock, designed specifically for 1,000-yard benchrest rifles, is CNC-machined from 6061 T6 aluminum, and features a flat-bottomed fore-end up to 8” wide and a buttstock having a flat underside for riding a rear bag. These stocks are precisely CNC-inletted for our own actions, as well as for others on a custom basis, and are supplied unpolished, in the white.
• All stocks are made from 1 piece 6061 T6 Aluminum.
• Stock widths available up to 8” wide fore-end.
• Overall lengths range from 37” –  44” length.
• Stocks can be bedded in several configurations- Integral one-piece clamp, glue-in
block, bolt in block, and conventional action bedding.
• All stocks can be made right or left-handed.
Prices: from $675.00 an up

Xtreme Machining’s laminated wood benchrest stocks are made from blanks of pressure-bonded hardwood sheets, CNC-inletted for a specific action (Xtreme Machining and Remington 700 short and long actions, and Remington clones), and treated with an epoxy sealant to prevent penetration of water or solvents. These stocks may optionally be glass- or pillar-bedded, and offer stability and rigidity in a lightweight unit. Call for price and color availability.

New for 2009 is our all-aluminum tactical/sporting stock, designed for both rigidity and minimum bulk. Adjustable for both cheekpiece height and length of pull, these stocks are CNC-inletted for all Xtreme Machining actions (except .50 BMG) as well as Remington 700 short and long actions (and clones). All models are supplied with front and rear sling swivels. Also offered is a folding-stock option, which retains all the adjustments of comb height and pull length. With a machined aluminum bedding area, a barreled action may be removed and reinstalled in this stock with no change in zero or loss of bedding integrity.