Our rest system is specifically designed for .50 BMG target rifles used in 1,000-yard competition. The front tripod rest accepts up to 8” wide flat fore-ends, affords 2” of elevation adjustment, has a base 19” long and weighs 32 pounds. The rear rest is designed for a wide stock toe, weighs 11 pounds, and offers more than 2” of windage adjustment. Both rests are made of 6061 T6 aluminum. The front and rear bags are from Protektor.

• All rest bases are made from 1” thick 6061 T6 aluminum, with leveling screws.
• Front rest can accommodate up to 8” wide fore-ends.
• Front rest has a 16” wide, 19” long, 32 lbs. and 2” of elevation adjustment.
• Rear rest has a 9” wide, 11” long, 11 lbs. and 2” of windage adjustment.
• Front rest has a 2” dia. stem to handle any weight of rifle including unlimited 50 BMG rifles.
• Front and rear rests are sold separately or as a complete outfit.

Please call for prices.