We manufacture a line of solid copper alloy match-grade bullets turned on CNC lathes. This method of production yields projectiles having extreme dimensional uniformity, with bullet weight consistent to 0.05 grain, and bullet diameter and roundness held to a variation of 0.0002” or less. Furthermore, the lack of a separate lead core in Xtreme Machining bullets eliminates problems of voids, jacket inconsistencies, and core-jacket separation.

Our bullets are designed for superior flight characteristics, with VLD features giving high ballistic coefficients (BCs) and stable long-range trajectories. All feature secant ogives and extended boattail bases. Two different bullet styles are available: a standard full-diameter design, and a bore-riding design having a shank slightly over the land diameter and a rear driving band of groove diameter. This latter design allows higher velocities at safe pressures.

Specifications for our .338, .375, .408 and .50-cal. bullets are listed below. We are also starting to make bullets in .22, .243/6mm, .264/6.5mm, 7mm. and .30 diameters. Please call for current specifications and prices on these bullets.