Xtreme Machining barrels are made from 416 stainless steel and 4340 chrome-moly steel, single-point CNC cut-rifled and hand-lapped, with diameters up to 1.450” (.408 and smaller calibers) or 1.750” (.50 cal.), and lengths to 42”. Twists are right-hand only, in conventional 4 or 6 groove rifling patterns. Our tolerances are among the best in the industry, with twist rates and bore diameters held consistent to within 0.0002” over the length of the barrel. Both standard and custom rifling twists and bore sizes are available.

What makes our barrels unique is our special heat treatment process, which confers a hardness of 36-38 Rc to the steel. This level of hardness runs throughout the barrel, increasing both strength and resistance to erosion. In our own tests with overbore cartridges that produce rapid bore erosion, such as the 6.5-284 and 7mm WSM, our barrels showed measurably less throat erosion and longer accurate life. Our barrels enable long-range target shooters using highly overbore cartridges, such as 1000-yard benchresters and F-Class competitors, to shoot more rounds before having to set back or replace a barrel.

Currently we make barrels in .22, .243/6 mm, .264/6.5 mm, .284/7 mm, .30, .338, .375, .408, and .50 cal. bore sizes. We can produce barrels in any reasonable twist, contour or length. Fluting, target crowning, and threading for a muzzle brake or suppressor are available at extra cost. Please call or email us for a quote on your barrel specifications.

We produce two styles of muzzle brakes. Our original spiral-port brake is made of 416 stainless steel, and features 36 to 42 ports arranged in a spiral pattern, producing as much as a 52% reduction in felt recoil. The number and size of the ports varies with bore size and cartridge. These brakes are provided in diameters allowing contouring to match the muzzle diameter.

For tactical use, we produce a tank-style brake that is closed on the bottom to prevent the downblast that can create a ground signature. This brake is also compatible with the suppressors made by Quicksilver Mfg., allowing suppressor installation without brake removal.

– Spiral-port brake: installed $140.00, brake only $65
– Tank-style brake for .338 to .408 caliber guns: installed $170, brake only $95
– Tank-style brake for .50 BMG: $400.00 installed, $325.00 brake only