At Xtreme Machining, we believe that a precisely-machined, smooth--functioning action is the heart of any rifle. Our custom-built actions feature receivers CNC-machined from 420 stainless steel, hardened to 44-46 Rc for greater strength and wear resistance. Bolts are made of 4`140 chrome-moly steel, hardened to 42-44 Rc. The use of dissimilar steels for the bolt and receiver minimizes or eliminates the possibility of galling. Receiver and bolt squareness, receiver straightness, receiver bore uniformity and more are held to tolerances of 0.0003” or less.

  • Receivers made of 420 stainless steel, hardened to 44-46 Rc,
    in diameters of 1.355”, 1.470”, 1.650”, and 1.975”
  • bore and raceways of receiver are cut using wire EDM technology,
    allowing tolerances of 0.0003” or less for straightness and bore size.
  • receivers have three stock mounting holes for better control of bedding tension
  • ½” recoil lug splayed and bolted to receiver (except for Remington replacements).
  • bolts made of 4140 steel, hardened to 42 -44 Rc, in diameters of 0.700” (Remington replacement), 0.750” (benchrest), 0.800” (.338 Xtreme and Chey-Tac bolt face) and 1.00” (50 BMG)
  • all bolts feature 30-degree coned faces, Sako-style extractors and plunger ejectors
  • anti-bind feature to eliminate bolt seizure
  • includes 15 or 20 minute scope rail mounted with 8 x 40 socket-head screws
  • triggers are mounted by way of a trigger hanger, which accepts all Remington 700-style triggers
  • all actions available in both single-shot and repeater versions
  • all actions available in right-or left-handed bolt, and right- or left-handed port, for no extra charge